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1. How do Max Energy Wristbands Work?


Answer: Max Energy works with the body's resonance field. The frequencies in Max Energy Holograms stimulate your body's resonance field to enhance optimal health and peak performance.


2. Can I take a shower with Max Energy wristband on?

Answer: Yes, Max Energy is waterproof. You can bathe, shower, and swim while wearing Max Energy wristbands.


3. Does Max Energy have a warranty on the wristband?

Answer: Yes, Max Energy provides an unconditional 60 day product warranty. Just contact us, and we will be happy to take care of your replacement.


4. How long will Max Energy wristbands last?

Answer: Unlike our competitors. whose wristband frequency fizzle out. Max Energy wristbands have been proven to hold a frequency charge for many years.


5. What is in Max Energy wristbands?

Answer: Max Energy wristbands contain negative ions embedded in the band. The holograms contain frequencies from a rare mineral that reacts with your bodies resonance field. Max Energy hologram frequencies are the highest available in the retail market.


6. What material is Max Energy wristband manufactured with?

Answer: Max Energy wristbands are manufactured with surgical grade silicone.


7. Do Max Energy wristbands contain latex material?

Answer: No, Max Energy wristbands do not contain any latex materials.


8. How many years of research is behind the technology in Max Energy wristbands?

Answer: We at Max Energy, LLC have spent many years developing our hologram technology. We are continuously researching, and currently undergoing testing involving cell biology with a scientific lab located in Houston, TX.


9. How can I purchase a Max Energy wristband?

Answer: You can order Max Energy through out website or by contacting us by email, phone or visiting our many retailers.


10. Can I have my company's logo and/or colors put on a Max Energy wristband?

Answer: Yes, You may custom order Max Energy wristbands with your respective company logo and/or colors. We have a minimum order requirement. Please contact us for details.


11. Do I have to wear my Max Energy wristband for it to work?

Answer: Max Energy actually will work within four inches of your body.


12. Will I feel anything when I wear Max Energy wristbands?

Answer: Some customers have reported a "tingly" feeling. Don't be alarmed that is natural, the sensation is Max Energy stimulating your body's cells.